Our School

Our School


Janet Berry Elementary School is committed to providing all students with an educational climate that inspires a sense of confidence, dignity, respect, and worth. We will maintain a safe and nurturing environment by engaging students as active, valued participants into the total school community. Quality education will be enhanced by collaboration of staff, families, and community; assisting all students to achieve their fullest potential.

Message from the Principal

Janet Berry School is a public elementary school which is part of the Appleton Area School District. We continue to maintain an enrollment between 450-475 students each year servicing students from Kindergarten through 6th grade. The school opened its doors for the first time in the fall of 1991 with the inclusion of children with exceptional needs as a primary goal. We are still very proud of the inclusion and acceptance of our students with exceptional needs. These students continue to thrive through this approach and their daily interaction with all students creates an environment that is beneficial to everyone. Every student who attends Janet Berry leaves with a better appreciation and understanding of the wide variety of abilities of all students.  

The Janet Berry staff has been very active in support of the district's Positively Educating Healthy Kid's initiatives and we continue to promote healthy choices and activities throughout the school year. We have a Fuel Up to Play 60 student committee that continues to promote healthy activities during the school year. Our staff continues to shape a positive school culture through its PBIS initiatives. We maintain a safe, responsible, and respectful school environment that directly supports the achievement of our students. 

We have many different opportunities for our students to become involved with during their time at Janet Berry. Student involvement in a wide variety of activities contributes to their overall success in school.

As a part of the district's Continuous School Improvement process, Janet Berry has focused on improving Literacy and Math skills. The entire staff works diligently to maintain our strong reputation as a high achieving school that consistently produces students who are well rounded in all areas and who go on to be successful students, leaders, and members of society.  

We have a very active parent/teacher organization that is focused on providing quality activities and events for our school community and to support the school in any way it can. 

When you join our school community, you immediately know you are part of something special.

School Song

Janet Berry Elementary Bobcats are the best.
We’re the school that fights so hard
with our togetherness! Go! Go! Go
Berry Blue and Silver, too: we wear them with such pride,
As we play and work and share, side by side.

(Sung to the UW Fight Song)