American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge

American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge
Posted on 01/29/2024

Hello Berry Elementary Families,

The American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge program will be kicking off on Feb. 5th and we invite you to join us as we Celebrate a Legacy of Lifesavers and continue the fight against heart disease and stroke!

Get started NOW:

  1. Download the AHA Schools APP at either the App Store or Google Play and Register:

  1. Click “Send a Message” and TEXT 10 Friends and Family asking for support.

  2. Be a Heart Hero and Complete Finn’s Mission and learn TWO lifesaving skills as a family TONIGHT!

 or and Click “Sign Up”

When 50% of the school registers online 221 students and raises at least $1,000 our school will earn $500!

Buster (Leader) Keychain 

February 9th  – all students who have registered online are entered to win Buster

February 16th – all students who have watched CPR video are entered to win Buster 

February 23rd – all students who have completed Finn’s Mission are entered to win Buster

When your student raises $50 they will be able to silly string the staff!

Click Here to hear Damar Hamlin, in his own words, talk about why our work together matters now more than ever.

NFL Bonus: The American Heart Association is excited to extend our work with the NFL to support improving health outcomes at home and beyond through the Hands-Only CPR education. Students that complete the Finn’s Mission learning module will earn an entry for two tickets to Super Bowl LIX in 2025 and your school will be entered to receive a $10,000 fitness equipment makeover for every 18 completed Finn’s Mission.

Thank you!